Healthy competition in everyday work

Use real-time performance metrics to create focus and motivation for field service staff.

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Incentivize Field Data Collection

Too often field service apps digitally micromanage field technicians. This creates inefficiency and employee dislike for the technology. We have found that if you create incentives for efficiency you don’t have to create as many safeguards for inefficiency. The end result is employees motivated to collect quality data.

Work Order Process
service history data accessibility

Knowledge Accessibility

By developing a culture of digital documentation and record keeping, your business will have easier onboarding, better company resilience, and more scalability.

Industry Specific Process and Terminology

For the highest usability and frictionless implementation, Lexul software is molded to fit your businesses process and terminology. Whether it’s a “Work Order”, “Service Log”, “Support Ticket” or any other term, we can customize to fit your existing company language.

field service gamification