A tool is only as powerful as its dependability, and in this age, security is a large part of dependability. Lexul is committed to protect information and assets for the objectives of the company, and more importantly, the betterment of the customer—all while safeguarding sustainability and privacy.

Every individual member of the Lexul team has a security role, whether that is from the development chair or operations. We make sure to evaluate and focus on security as a daily practice—not an afterthought. That’s why we stand by these practices: 

  • Realtime code security analysis while in development
  • Regular security scanning and system hardening
  • Vulnerability/CVE detection in dependencies, libraries
  • Regular review of vulnerabilities and analysis by a Certified Informations Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Use of immutable (write only) storage for backups 

At Lexul, by paying attention to detail, we provide you with dependable and reliable solutions, so your highly valued business runs, safely, efficiently, and comfortably—without any roadblocks. 

And of course, additional security specifics are available to our customers. Please reach out to your account manager to request.

If you have any questions regarding this, please reach out to us!