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Active/Inactive Support

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, change is inevitable – customers shift, items shuffle, contracts expire, and teams grow and change. But what about the data tied to these changes? Deleting it isn’t the solution, yet it doesn’t always need to steal the spotlight.

Embracing Change with Active/Inactive Status: Enter our latest solution! We’ve rolled out an Active status feature across various data types, providing the perfect balance between visibility and organization. Now, manage your evolving data effortlessly by marking it as Active or Inactive.

Seamless QuickBooks Sync: For those with QuickBooks integration, our system seamlessly syncs data based on the Active field in QuickBooks. This means your Active data stays current and relevant, while inactive data gracefully steps aside without cluttering your workspace.

Streamlined Work Order Creation: Say goodbye to unnecessary clutter in dropdown lists! Inactive data won’t hog the spotlight when creating new Work Orders, streamlining your workflow and ensuring only the essential and current data takes center stage.

We have active fields on the following data:

  • Customers
  • Assets
  • Items (Parts & Service)
  • Contracts
  • Users