Lexul Time Tracking Software Presentation

The Challenge of Time Keeping for Office Staff

One of the biggest challenges facing all businesses today is timekeeping, whether that be for billing customers or internally for payroll and project costs.

Lots of clients share the same problems but require different solutions to address them, this is where out of the box software can fall down forcing them to adapt their working practices to suit the software rather than the other way around.

Custom developed software from the ground up has it’s own problems, it can be slow and costly to deploy even allowing for the greater upfront costs, future proofing and maintenance can also cause issues if it’s not well thought out and designed from the start.

Imagine a typical scenario for many businesses who are completing multiple tasks, with multiple employees across multiple clients. The employee may be on a consistent rate for payroll terms but every other factor is likely to involve a number of different costing options.

A fairly simple software solution would see staff with an app that would enable them to have a limited number of tasks implemented and allow then to flip between them according to their work pattern, the limitations here are that it’s unlikely to have a mobile UI, it’s limited in the number of tasks available to allocate and staff not being compensated for their increased input are less inclined to use it well, if at all. At best it’s a half baked measure.

Lexul has a different and innovative approach to these problems, and one that can be built into all of our custom designs and tailored around your needs from the word go. This is an example that perfectly illustrates the modular principles of our software solutions, using the thousands of hours of development already logged for previous projects to provide the foundations upon which we build a solution designed for you.

One of the biggest innovations for the Lexul solution is the ability to track time separately from tasks. A total time is constantly running which is then filled with tasks as they are undertaken. This prevents employees having the burden of going back and subtracting time from tasks afterward because they had to sign for a parcel, take a phone call or even just take a convenience break.

This means that now the real time taken to complete a task is being recorded, enabling better understanding of the true cost in terms of work and productivity. Already estimates and billing have been made far more accurate.

This simplified time logging system is also able to be built into and used across multiple formats, it can be added into any of our other apps, including the general timeline, Geo tracking and other options which can all be customized to suit the needs of the user. Travel time and different tasks performed for different rates are all suddenly instantly available.