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Crew Management Time Tracking

Are you tired of the hassle and inaccuracy in managing your team’s timekeeping? We’ve got great news! Lexul introduced Foreman Time Tracking to solve this problem. Our new timekeeping system allows the foreman to log time for the entire crew with ease. This means consistent time records from start to finish, across the board – a game-changer for your business’s efficiency.

Don’t worry, we’ve thought about all of the real life scenarios as the entire crew doesn’t arrive and leave at the same time always.

Addressing Real Work-Life Scenarios 

  1. Late Arrival or Early Departure? No problem. The foreman can adjust the time for any technician with ease.
  2. Unexpected Absence? Simply don’t select the absent technician when starting the day’s time.
  3. Need to Leave for Another Job? We offer seamless timekeeping handoffs, allowing continued work from the mobile app.
  4. No Foreman? Technicians can manage their own time directly from their app, logging everything from work hours to breaks.

See it in action below: