Custom SaaS: the next big thing for business?

Is this the next big thing for business?

Your company probably already uses some kind of Software As A Service (SaaS), some common examples include Microsoft Office or G Suite or possibly your CRM, maybe your field service management software?

One of the primary advantages to SaaS is the limited IT infrastructure and the fact that no updates are required. The software provider is updating in the background and you could be unaware of anything from daily to monthly updates happening behind the scenes.

In many ways SaaS is fully managed for you, but what do you do when the software available exceeds your needs? We have begun to become so used to fully managed software that traditional software, installed on a desktop and managed internally almost seems archaic.

Most custom software is developed in this archaic manner. However, there is a solution some software companies, like Lexul, develop custom software and deliver it with a SaaS mentality.

This means that the software is managed on a subscription basis and all of the updates, security patches and backups are managed for you.

While this may give the appearance of costing more, it means you don’t need to have an in-house IT team to manage custom software, security, and continuation of a tool that is so critical to your business. Something you no longer have to worry about.

Back to the original question, is Custom SaaS the next big thing for business?

At Lexul we believe so. 

This is why we have focussed on providing solution driven software to companies who fall outside of the scope of standard SaaS software, but still want the benefits that software as a service would bring them.