Field Service Inspection HVAC Unit

Fine Tuning Inspections with Lexul Field Service

Typically, most jobs are based upon no inspection checklist at all, or a crowded and lengthy inspection list with irrelevant questions that have hardly anything to do with the task at hand. Despite which method is being used, both of these can lead to the same result of an inferior, subservient level of work.  Lexul Field Service completely changes that.

Pre-Service Inspection 

Lexul Field Service provides the customer with the ability to create straightforward customized inspection questions based upon specific customer requirements, as well as the service that is being performed. So there are no pointless extra steps, questions, or lists to run through before you can move on.

This also allows the technician to note exactly what is broken when they arrive on site, so the tech can’t be blamed for breaking something they didn’t break, and help avoid those problems that may come up in the future.

Pre-Service inspections allow you to:

  • Note what is broken 
  • Collect asset data such as Serial Numbers, VINs, service equipment numbers, or any number that is needed and relevant 
  • Collect proper customer information that is required on every job
  • Document initiatives such as job site pictures
  • Record specifics about each question 

Post-Service Inspection 

Once your service tasks are completed, Lexul Field Service Post-Service inspections can be tailored to make sure that all jobs are checked off and completed. This replaces pages of inspection questionnaires, and just like the Pre-Service Inspection is always directly linked to the work that was being performed.

Post-Service inspections allow you to: 

  • Allow for identifying future work opportunities at the job site 
  • Additional checks to confirm the quality of work performed (For example, verifying that all breakers on the circuit are working properly) 
  • Help finish the job task with accuracy using a dynamic set of questions 
  • Use technicians as a sales advantage at the job site 

One pivotal use of our post-service inspection questions is that it will help turn your technicians into quick sales reps on the job site. When the technician sees an issue with another set of lights, or sees another service that can be performed or fixed, all they have to do is note it down in the app. You can then follow up with your customer with these recorded details, it’s that easy. 

Lexul Field Service allows you to finally say goodbye to stained, creased papers that are forgotten on the floor of the van, and say hello to simple inspections that ensure your job tasks are complete, while at the exact same time generating future work opportunities—without burdening your technician.


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