Foreman Time Keeping Field Service App

Foreman Time Tracking

Consistent and accurate time keeping across an entire platform and crew can be a challenge at times. Without the right tools, keeping track of the right technicians is a pain. While proper time keeping is a foundational pillar of a healthy business, there is a much better way to get around common pain points. That’s where Lexul Field Service comes in. Lexul Field Service allows the foreman to log time for the entire crew, for those that are driving or riding in the same van. Have consistent
time records from start to finish and across the board with our timekeeping methodology directly within Lexul Field Service.

There is a big gap between theory and real life application of most time keeping software functionality. Here’s what I mean; a timekeeping software that is put together just for the concept of keeping time does not account for real life scenarios. Technicians in your company are not robots; accidents, traffic, and real-life circumstances come up every single day. Without taking into account these everyday common scenarios and without acknowledging them, time keeping would miss certain points of functionality and have less of a ROI.


So how does Lexul Field Service consider and account for these real work life scenarios?—I thought you would never ask. Lexul Field Service is designed with the ability to allow the foreman to log time on behalf of the crew. This was created to simplify time tracking as a whole. Now, you’re probably thinking: “Well wait, what about those real life scenarios?” Don’t worry, we’ve designed this feature with all of those in mind.

Here are just four examples of some exceptions that we support: 

  1. What happens if a crew member arrives late that morning or has to leave work early? The foreman can make an easy time change for that technician. 
  2. What if a crew member is not able to come into work; say they call in sick?
    The foreman will not select that tech when starting the time for the day. 
  3. What if a crew member is required to go to another nearby job site for a service call? With seamless timekeeping “handoffs”, the foreman can allow the crew member to continue to work from their Lexul Field Service app on their mobile device.
  4. What if you don’t have a foreman managing the crew; then what would the technicians do? Not an issue at all. Right from the app, techs can begin their payroll time on their personal dashboard. While the payroll time is running, they can also begin work order time, while choosing their specific time type (travel, work, break, lunch, etc.) depending on how they are spending their time.

With the ability to control the entire crew’s time from the foreman you can cut down on complications and have one source for all time keeping. This eliminates the amount of roles of responsibility, creating a single resource for easy time keeping communication. While at the same time, considering all of the options for day to day scenarios that will come up on the job, that can be shifted to easily fit necessary variables for the most efficient workflow. 

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