Lexul Field Service Technician Demo

Lexul Field Service was designed with the intention to actually make the job easier for technicians. No more extra phone calls, texts, or emails for the technician to be able to see their daily job schedule and service tasks. Lexul Field Service is an app that enables you to see all assigned jobs at just a glance. 

Arrival Process

The first stage of the work order is called the arrival. The arrival process of the work order helps you enter the job site informed and prepared to go to work. Office notes describe the reason for the work order, along with any specific job details, and supporting documents such as authorization letters are displayed in this stage, so sharing them with the manager on duty is easy. As the technician you can leave notes and take pictures on arrival based on customer requirements, or existing conditions that need attention. 


The pre-service inspection questions help to prevent you, the technician, from being blamed for breaking something you didn’t break. Too often the last tech on the site takes the blame for someone else’s mistake. Make a note and take pictures that breaker #4 was tripped on your arrival. This can help avoid problems in the future. Our pre-service questions can also be a personal check list of the work order, so you can make sure all points of the job on arrival are ready for service and/or inspected before installation. 


The service stage is the heart of the Work Order. This allows you to record the service you are performing, like an “install” for example, as well as add and attach any of the associated parts used, say an “8in led downlight”, while performing the service. Within the service stage you can also add any photos by capturing one, or grab them directly from your photo gallery, as well as add technician or customer notes. 


The post service inspection allows you to mark complete specific tasks and identify future work at the job site. You noticed 3 lights burnt out in the entry on arrival? Simply make a note of it, or grab a photo, and add it to the work order so you know what to reach back out to the customer for. 


Before exiting the jobsite get the manager’s name and signature as proof the objectives are met, and the job is complete. Provide specific details from start to finish through taking pictures of your work and typing notes so no information is left behind at the job site. 

Lexul Field Service simplifies the job workflow while collecting all the necessary information required for invoicing, so there’s no extra phone calls or requests for information that was left on a notepad in the bottom of the van.