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New Lexul Field Service Features For June

At Lexul, we are constantly improving our in the field product and adding capabilities at customer request that will make their businesses more efficient and successful. Recently, we have constructed three brand new features that we believe will improve business functionality and overall workflow for our customers using Lexul Field Service.

Dynamic Work Order PDFs 

On every work order, critical work order data may need to be easily and quickly exported. But with so much data and so little time, this can be harder than it seems, or is it? With our brand new dynamic work order pdf export, this is possible. Just select which data you need exported from the work order on the Administration tab after the work is complete. This will create a specific work order pdf per your request, all while protecting internal information that you don’t want the customer to see. It’s really that easy. Say so long to work order data that is inaccessible and unable to be exported. 

Pre-filling Item Descriptions Directly from QuickBooks Desktop

By directly syncing QuickBooks Desktop Item descriptions to Lexul Field Service, when adding an Item to a work order, the Item description will be transferred right to the invoice section of the work order. This way you can have much clearer invoices and a better understanding of the Items that are being used. This helps to create more understandable invoices for customers so you can get paid faster.

Barcode Scanning

Take managing your inventory to a whole new level, and boost technician productivity. Techs no longer have to search and find parts, just have them scan a barcode. This will automatically locate the part, and the tech can add it to the work order effortlessly. This way technicians can spend less time searching for Parts and Services used, and instead do what they do best; getting the job done. Barcode scanning supports barcodes on existing products with UPC codes, along with custom barcodes for internal parts.

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