Field Service Route Optimization Map

Route Optimization with Lexul Field Service’s Dispatch Assistant

When it comes to dispatching technicians for multiple jobs, there are many elements that go into creating an optimal route for each one. We tend to lean on the side that making a decision like this is singular; that getting a technician there the fastest and in the most efficient way is the only thing to consider without inspecting the details involved.

The more you look at this reasoning, the more you see how much more is actually entwined in route optimization, and how singular decisions like this are not ideal. In this brief article, we will take a look at some of those factors, as well as explaining how we at Lexul Field Service have designed our route optimization dispatch assistant to account for some these variables.  

RO Variables

When looking for the most effective and inclusive route optimization, here are some things that need to be considered. Work orders are dependent upon varying components. Take what materials are available for example: Let’s say Brian is scheduled to drive to the next job site in a few hours, but there are no parts to complete the installation because they have not arrived – the trip is pointless. We are very aware of time based restraints such as these, and are currently working to enhance our dispatch assistant to incorporate such issues as these. 

Lead times, equipment rentals, exact dates, schedules, due dates, priorities, customer schedules, and real life circumstances can sway a work order in a major way. These components cannot be overlooked because they determine the how, the what, the where, and the when of each work order.

Route optimization has to be careful to attend to these distinct, ever shifting factors.

Lexul Dispatch Assistant 

Instead of only looking for the fastest route to each job site, the Lexul Field Service dispatch assistant is designed with continual work order data changes in mind. Currently, our routing assistant supports optimizing routes for multiple technicians and balances the work between the technicians.

This way one or two techs are not burdened with every single work order. 

Office staff can view all of these routes, and multiple routes for multiple crews at the same time. By paying attention to these work order details that seem to “slip through the cracks”, we’ve created this Route Optimization Assistant to help with work order management. 

Dispatchers can easily assign specific techs to specific job work orders so you have control over your routes and can manage technician work efficiently. When dispatching these, you can view them all on an easily readable map to see the quickest and most logical routes.

When the dispatch assistant assigns work orders to a technician that you don’t prefer, you can simply change it or override, so it will be assigned to the exact technician for those work order routes. This allows you to have the power to make changes when necessary.

Our dispatch assistant helps you to create the best routes, while keeping work order variables in check. That way technicians are assigned quick and accurate job routes.

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