Field service app with scope of work management

Simplify Your Scope of Work with Lexul Field Service

One of the single most common problems that field service technicians face today is having insufficient job knowledge before even beginning the job. Not only that, they sometimes even fail to have competent knowledge for the job site as a whole. Whether it’s having a clipboard full of sheets showing work history, or even having an app–yet limited by capability, they both fall short of providing the correct information of preparation for a technician.

Scope of Work

With Lexul Field Service, the arrival tab of the work order allows you to see job details that have been agreed upon by your company and the customer. The Scope of Work can show directions, instructions, parts, services, and the end goal of the job site task that needs to be reached.

The Lexul Field Service Scope of Work allows you to list planned Parts & Services for the job, and optionally include notes with each Part and Service used. You can pre-fill the service tab, but allow the technician to enter the used vs planned quantities. While planned work order items are entered before the service, sometimes a service can change in the midst of an installation. In this case, compare planned Parts & Services vs actual used Parts & Services that were used. This allows some room for work order changes so the technician can add variances if the planned Part or Service is incompatible.



Office administration has complete control over what knowledge can be shared with any technician. Services, Parts, their quantities, notes, and specific details can be directly added to the work order. With Lexul Field Service, precise knowledge can now be accessed, reviewed with the customer on site, and checked before beginning or exiting the job. 

Problems solved

Sometimes work orders can involve a complicated scope of work that comes with technical details, instructions, or requirements. While not overlooking these, but paying attention to simplicity and efficiency, we break down these complicated elements step by step into per task portions. Your technician shouldn’t have to decipher a legalized style scope of work while on the job. Conveniently and easily view the scope of work of each work order in the field right from the technicians phone. Never miss another detail for the job at hand. Your technician can rely upon the scope of work details to perform their job with precision. 

Lexul Field Service grants technicians access to a simplistic breakdown of the scope of work, so they can perform the installation accurately, with ease, and in a timely manner.

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