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Software Solutions as a Sales Advantage

Have you considered how your software package can be utilized for you as a sales advantage? Many of the Lexul solutions include functionality that records on site activity, time keeping and location.

For a field service company this is very much designed to satisfy internal needs, providing effective and streamlined processes, saving money and making the whole operation more efficient.

Used correctly those these processes can make for an extremely powerful sales tool. Trust is always a large part of the sales process, being able to offer much more transparency to your clients will go a long way to establish that. Your clients could have the opportunity to verify when your workforce is on site, tasks undertaken and match this information to invoices. You can choose how much you wish to share with your customer, to ensure you establish a good working relationship.

Accountability is also a big part of offering a field service proposal. Field technicians often have less oversight meaning they may not always represent the company in the best light. Software that monitors and records their activities however, tends to have the effect of raising accountability, another positive for a prospective client.

Data access is another area to provide an advantage. If a company did regular maintenance on equipment or machinery for example, there is the possibility for the customer to have a dashboard where they could see their service records, and when they need to schedule their next visit. This simplifies the customer’s life and helps with customer retention.

Finally, the fact of utilizing custom software can of itself be a positive, when introduced in the sales process. Demonstrating the app that a field service agent will be using, can show the client how their interests are being served in an economical and efficient way.

While your goal may be to increase profitability and ensure maximum potential with your software design, the solutions designed by Lexul will also enable you to carry a competitive edge into sales proposals.