Field Service Checklist

What’s Preventing Same Day Invoicing?

What’s keeping your trades business from issuing invoices the same day the work order is completed?

  • Lack of organized work description and documentation
  • Lack of customer specific information required on invoices
  • Tracking down parts used and receipts 
  • Assurance of a properly completed job

Lexul Field Service Software is an office controlled mobile app for technicians in the field. Management guides the technician to collect every piece of information needed so the office can invoice the customer without delay. Get paid faster. 

The minute the job is complete, you have detailed records of the completed work. Services performed, parts used, notes on work complete, and before and after pictures.

Ensure that customer specific information is collected by the technician when onsite. Whether that’s a picture of the store number, an approval stamp or some other required information, do not let that vendor billing requirement result in a return trip and delayed invoicing. 

Don’t miss billing parts, especially ones specifically purchased for a job. This could add up to thousands in lost revenue per month. 

Give the office control over quality of work in the field. Office staff know the status of any job at any time. The inspections guide the technician to quality assure his own work. The office staff can review the WO documentation to ensure the work is satisfactory.

This level of efficiency is standard practice for the companies that use Lexul Field Service. Call us today at (855) 595-3600 or watch a demo to learn how you can streamline your field service data for real time invoicing.